Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson

Associate Pastor

As an Alabama native, Tim was introduced to Integrity Life Church while in Alabama through his wife, Raynai. “I was having a horrible day at work, and she was at church (ILC) at the time. She told me to listen and worship. It literally changed the entire day. It was a real God moment for me, facilitated through Lady Pam and the worship team at our church.”  After relocating to Federal Way in 2010 to be with his wife, Tim joined Integrity Life Church and started volunteering with the Youth of ILC . Tim and Raynai have three lovely children, Tamiya, Trinity, and Tim Johnson II or better known as TJ. Tamiya is in the 2nd grade, and Trinity is in the 1st grade. They both attend Zieger Elementary in Puyallup.

Hobbies & Interests:  sports, exercise, tea & coffee, YouTube Technology videos, music…the list can go on and on!  

Favorite Quotes: “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”–John Maxwell
“I can never be everything you want to see but crooked sticks draw straight lines, just look at me.” -Lecrae, song: Cry for you

Favorite Bible Verse: This was really hard for me but I think Romans 1:16 sums up my belief, hope, status, and approach in life.