Dear Integrity Life Family,


Wisdom is the PRINCIPAL thing; therefore get WISDOM! And in all your getting, get UNDERSTANDING! 
Proverbs 4:7

As the executive governing board of Integrity Life Church; we announce to all members...OUR building will NOT reopen at this time! 
To suggest and instruct churches to reopen without meeting specific metrics; given by the scientific medical experts is highly irresponsible, and potentially dangerous to all of our wellbeing!

We will continue to adhere to reasonable medical science, credible doctors and medical experts...along with our GOVERNOR and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit!

We will not reopen our church edifice until it is safe to gather under specific operational procedures, to protect all of us from potentially being infected by COVID-19!

Our digital live-streaming and emergency outreach teams will adequately serve our congregants locally and globally until such time in the near future when we can gather again! 

We want to encourage you to use this time to grow in your faith, and share the hope you have with this world.  One of the ways that we are doing this is through our Grab & Go program.  The G&G  program serves the children of Federal Way who would normally would rely on the school system to feed them, this is one of our opportunities to be the hands of Jesus.  You can give online here, or for alternative options

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We find strength together! Continue to pray for our community, cities, the state and the world. We love you, Integrity Life Family and we pray for you daily.